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7-12-19 Shibamata, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo
Shibamata FU-TEN Bed and Local

Closest station is Shibamata station, from the station there is a 7-miniute walk to the hostel
From Narita Airport station ( it takes about 60 minutes to closest station )
Narita Airport station (Keisei line) → Keisei Takasago station (Keisei Kanemachi line) → Shibamata station

From Asakusa station (it takes about 35 minutes to closest station)
Asakusa station (Toei Asakusa line) → Keisei Takasago station (Keisei Kanemachi line) → Shibamata station

From Shinjuku station (it takes about 60 minutes to closest station)
Shinjuku station (Toei Shinjuku line) → Bakuro Yokoyama station → Walk 3 minutes to Higashi Nihonbashi station → Keisei Takasago station (Keisei Kanemachi line) →  Shibamata station

Как добраться до Шибамата FU-TEN Кровать и местная прогулка

1. From Shibamata Station, proceed to the path leading to Taishakuten Temple. 2. Turn left at the crosswalk in front of Taishakuten.
3. Walk down the crosswalk. 
4. When you see a shop named Miyagawa(宮川), continue walking down the path next to it.
5. Turn right when you see Kanamachi Water Purification Plant and walk about 1minute to get to FU-TEN, which will be on your right side.

Download MAP here

You`ll never run out of places to see with places overflowing with charm in the lower towns like shopping markets and the Shibamata Taishakuten, please make the effort to come and see at your leisure.
Please do come and take the time to relax.