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    ngày 3 Tháng 1 năm 2018
    Very good price for Tokyo, but far away from the city. Clean and nice.
    ngày 31 Tháng 10 năm 2017
    Không có bình luận nào cho đánh giá này.
    ngày 10 Tháng 7 năm 2017
    Beds not too comfortable in standard twin
    Great kitchen. Very clean
    ngày 6 Tháng 5 năm 2017
    ngày 27 Tháng 4 năm 2017
    Loved the friendliness of the staff, they were wonderful and very helpful
    Matt B (Canada)
    ngày 25 Tháng 4 năm 2017
    Dorm-style accommodation that beats any hostel.
    Bit of a trek to get to most of the core tourist spots (via train). Need to rent towels, and not much in the way of complimentary toiletries
    Great value for the cost. Minimalist private rooms and clean shared washroom facilities. Staff was friendly and very accommodating (late night Shinjuku turned to late morning checkout without a problem).
    Dwynn Ronald
    ngày 23 Tháng 4 năm 2017
    Không có bình luận nào cho đánh giá này.
    ngày 18 Tháng 4 năm 2017
    Don't book this!!!
    The hotel is really really far from anything and anywhere! It took us more than an hour to reach it from Tokyo Station. The room was very badly isolated, the walls were practically like cardboard. The other guests were very noisy and we barely slept. There was only cold water in the bathroom and they wanted us to pay for towels??? They changed our booking in the last moment, we were supposed to have a room with a private bathroom, but we got one with a shared bathroom instead. The whole experience was horrible, add 20 EUR and get a decent hotel somewhere else!
    ngày 17 Tháng 4 năm 2017
    The only place to stay in Tokyo (without breaking the bank!)
    There isn't a thing we didn't like about this place. Not one!
    We can't recommend this place enough. It's a little bit outside of the city but is only a 5 minute walk from the train station and has very easy access into Tokyo city and to/from Narita airport. They have 'western' and 'Japanese' style rooms. The western rooms have beds frames where as the Japanese ones don't. We stayed in a Japanese style room and it was super cute. We had a little entrance area to the room with a table/desk and a couple stools to eat/work at. There were a few cabinets too to stash some treats in! The bedroom area was separated by a traditional Japanese sliding screen door and had a small built in wardrobe a few hangers. The beds were just futon mattresses but were comfortable and the bedding was clean and cosy. There is also a heater/aircon in the bedroom. There are separate male and female toilets on each floor as well as a unisex washroom. The toilets were VERY clean, as was the washroom. The showers are on the ground/first floor and are also separated by male and female which was nice in my opinion. The shower room and the individual showers cubicles were also very clean. Each shower cubicle had a private dressing area so you have full privacy. There are also hairdryers in the shower room. There are also dead-easy to use washing machines and dryers on the ground/first floor which came in handy as we were there for a week. The price we paid for our room for a week in Tokyo is unbeatable. It was over £100 cheaper than a pod-style hostel a few train stops away, closer to the city. You will never spend that much on train fare so it really is worth staying a bit further out! There is also a big supermarket about 7 minutes down the road and a great market that you walk through to get to the train station. The noodle ladies by the train station are great and I would definitely recommend them too :)
    Jacob E.
    ngày 17 Tháng 4 năm 2017
    Location turned out to be good
    The ceiling in some places seems to be under construction. In our room, turning on and off the light was a bit scary because the ceiling light looked cheap and easy to break.
    The bed and shower rooms were very comfortable. Location was also very good since Shibamata is a very nice hidden place to visit.
    anna marie
    ngày 16 Tháng 4 năm 2017
    there is no taxi
    the staff are friendly and accommodating.
    Ninia Reotutar
    ngày 29 Tháng 3 năm 2017
    Không có bình luận nào cho đánh giá này.
    Montana Nielzen
    ngày 28 Tháng 3 năm 2017
    Could be betternonetheless
    I feel that the room is still in the process of being renovated. And the doors would "bang" when closed. And the water in wash areas is very cold.
    The shower room and the kitchen are spacious and very clean. I also like the overall design of the place.
    ngày 11 Tháng 3 năm 2017
    A Clean and Nice Backpacker Hotel
    To far from JR Station (Koiwa)