Shibamata FU-TEN Bed and Local

Aim for the inns the streets that will make your travel fun.

Shibamata, a lower town with the lingering nostalgia felt through the sound of cutting candy,
and the smell of grilled senbei (rice crackers). Even with it's nostalgia this town has new
discoveries waiting with welcoming inns that touch on the charm.
As a hub of the area, and a place to intermingle with other travelers.
From Shibamata to Japan and the world,
discover the lesser known side of Tokyo.

The SHIBAMATA FU-TEN BED & LOCAL is simple and reasonable lodging with the image of Tokyo`s lower towns, overflowing with the playfullness of Showa architecture in it`s renovation.

You can choose from Japanese style or western style rooms from all of the individual guest rooms.
With a lounge and courtyard where guests can relax and feel at home, and a laundry and shared
kitchen prepared for customers staying for a long period of time.